Apurba Kumar Khound

Power-Politics of present times have become all pervading. As its natural ally, self-interest-first behind all actions, quid-pro-quo, aggressive lobbying bordering on corrupt practices etc have gained acceptance as new ways of life.
Having been frustrated by the rapid downward slide of probity in public life, people have started to hit the streets repeatedly to save their ancestral lands from going to the hands of foreigners, protect sacred political rights from being usurped by foreign nationals through the backdoor and the right to live with dignity as a distinct community . But each time, the wily vested interest groups or the powers that be have been successful in stealing the thunder and divert the main issues pushing the people to really feel threatened of their chance to survive as a distinct community in the long run.
The struggle continues on an uneven ground where odds are loaded heavily in favour of centers of power and against the apolitical common indigenous people fighting for survival. History will record the outcome of the struggle and let’s leave it at that for now.
In the given circumstances, the chance of us bequeathing a livable environment to the future generations appears to be very dim.
Therefore, we should perhaps yield grounds and shift the responsibility to the generation next to create a livable society for itself.
To reverse the current trend of politics of expediency and for politics of public interest first, to gain ascendency, an  ‘YOU TOO’ kind of movement may serve well, where children would name and shame their parents for unethical, shady practices !
After all, if the generation next wants a better world to live in, it should also take some responsibility of keeping in check the nefarious activities of the elders of the family so that the wistful thinking of a better social order becomes a reality. It’s, undeniable that the children of present times are well informed, knowledgeable who have a huge influence on conducts of their parents and can be catalysts to bring about positive changes they visualize
If not for anything else, we perhaps owe an apology to posterity for not being up to it  to protect ” Jati, Mati and Bheti “

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