You are Beautiful

Ankita Boruah

You have known for a long time now how you can hold breathe life into papers when you hold a paintbrush in your hand, but when the time came and opportunity knocked at your door steps and you thought of sending your entry to the competition where you always wanted to participate , with nearly one lakh dreamers like you participating , you stepped back because you thought amidst those one lakh pair of eyes sparkling with dreams , you did not stand a chance; your dreams somewhere felt less or maybe you failed to see through yourself what you are capable of.

You know your words can sob people in the middle of nowhere, or make hundreds of people rise into a rebellion with a simple twitch of your magic wand that many people like to refer as a pen , but when asked to pen down your words, you thought, “There are hundreds of others who write as well, among those zillion verses what difference my writings will make’ , and thus you killed the writing of a book which could have carried your name in its cover page.

You have been told how wonderful a cook you are, and how can you make mouths water with the exotic flavor that your dishes bear, but after you lost a cookery competition , years back to a woman twenty years more than your age, you have lost all your zeal and enthusiasm to cook. Now, your dishes no longer carry that marvelous aroma which leaves the people spell bound; it lacks the soul you used to put into it while cooking.

You are a technology-geek , updated with every hour’s development , thorough with specifications of all the gadgets that are released by the day , but when the time came to participate in the quiz that takes ten screening tests, you immediately stepped back thinking of the humiliation you would face in front of your friends if you don’t clear them all.

Where is the problem, you think? What went wrong, you wonder? The only thing that stopped you from moving forward, the only problem that came in the way, the only thing that went wrong was that despite of your capabilities you forgot to take yourself seriously. Even when you knew about your abilities, your capability to work hard, you backed off and made way for someone else because at that moment you were too busy thinking of the consequences that would arise in case you fail. Because you were too afraid of failure, and while you were thinking all about it, the one thing that slipped from your mind was that failure is always a step ahead from where you are now, but the present time isin your hands.

Not everyone is largessed with the same oppurtunities. Whether we make it to the top or not, whether your book wins the ahearts and appreciations of the readers or not that is not that important , what is important is to give justice to your talents , to make a move rather than to stand still. Not everyone knows how perfect it is to be what you are.  But then, everyone is afraid of failures.

Shadow is the characteristic of our personality that we reject because it terribly conflicts with our tendencies or our opinions about the self. Joseph Campbell calls ‘ shadow’ the inconvenient or resisted psychic powers that we have not dared to integrate. We can refuse to face it: once aware that it is an integral part of us, we can try to eliminate it and set it straight immediately ; we can refuse to accept the responsibility for it and let it have its own way ; or we can suffer it in a constructive manner, as part of our personality which can lead us to a salhutary humility and humanness and eventually , to new insights and expanded life horizons.

Your fascination with chess pieces and positions , and remarkable strategic skills to conjure brilliant in moves are what lends an ordinary child like you a touch of extraordinary skills. Witnesssing that unwavering enthusiasm for chess and high level of expertise in the game, many might have complimented , “ You are going to be the world’s next William Steinitz!” ,” You are going to be your generation’s Magnus Carlsen,” ….Amidst all these cheering, compliments and applause , have you ever thought , what if Picasso aimed to be the next Leonardo the Vinci? Maybe, then the world would have lacked Picasso’s unique artistic talent that impacted the development of modern and contemporary art. The world would have been deprived of the genius who co-founded one of the most influential movements of the 27th century: Cubism, maybe, this artistic style would not have been invented yet. Picasso’s identity – unique and unparalled – shines as brightly as his great Italian counterpart, probably because he followed his own path.

You are unrepeatable. There is a magic about you that is all your own. Very often , we fail to give ourselves the importance that we deserve ; we judge ourselves from how people see us failing to realize our own inner worth. What our generation is lacking the most is – self love and self confidence and this is leading us more and more to a state of numbness and depression. When we fail to hear the words which we we expect to listen from our fellow mate , it breaks us emotionally. This is because we got habituated to living upto the expectations of others and not realizing what we ourselves can do for our better living.

Start now. Aspire to become not the next somebody , but the best of what you can be. Give individuality to your dreams and don’t let your inner sparks die . Yes, you may not be perfect ; or may not be as good as your idol. Maybe, you will taste bitterness more and get just a sip of success to taste. Maybe- all these are possibilities. But, you cannot ignore the inner strength which you are bestowed upon with. Within this ephemeral life, if you don’t strive for what you are meant to be then maybe the world will lose some precious jewels, maybe some names will always remain unheard . So , give yourself a fresh start  Listen to your rhythm and try to live in accordance with it.

Sunrises are enthralling, but sunsets are destructively beautiful. If life is leaving you out in the cold, search for the heat within yourself rather than waiting for someone else to offer you a cosy blanket. Strive. It’s worth it.

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