Willpower of Banamali Sarma@ recent Flood

Anita Sarma

This is a story related with the recent devastating flood of Assam and a person with unstoppable willpower.

At the time when all Assam was drowning and people were staying at relief camps in a very helpless situation Mr. Banamali Sarma, an industrialist by profession, had come out voluntarily to rescue his own and nearby villages by taking the huge responsibility of rebuilding two damaged embankments of Puthimari rivers of Kamrup Distict. With due permission of concern Govt. authorities, he had in action on 14th July with his of 300 skillful workers.

It is noteworthy to mention that Mr. Sarma has denied any financial help from any government agencies during this process. One of the embankment was completed within 7 days and the other one was also about to complete. Flood situation in lower Assam, including that of Puthimari River, was also improving. People had started to return to their damaged homes. But suddenly, from 22nd July the flood situation again worsen due to again heavy rainfall in Bhutan. All rivers coming out from Bhutan foothill again full of water and it was also the case for Puthimari River.  Therefore it was a new threat to the second embankment which was still not completely build.

At one time situation was like that the under construction part of the embankment was about to demolish and strong current of water percolate through the embankment structure. But Mr. Sarma and his team were ready to face the challenge and they had tried their level best to save the structure. Mr. Sarma and his team worked at a stretch for 26 hours day-night to stop the flow of water, otherwise it my lead to one more flood to these already damaged villages. The whole situation became a war between man and nature, the river. At some moments, people were lost their hopes but this man, Mr Banamali Sarma, was still holding his position and fully confident to regain the situation. His confidence and determination helped to boost the morel and team spirit of his workers and at last they succeeded to stop the flow of water. This successful effort saved more than 50 villages of Hajo area of lower Assam.

    The process of rebuilding of the two completely damaged embankments took only 12 days with an expense of rupees 30 lakhs. The whole expenditure of the process is bear by Mr. Banamali Sarm without accepting any help of any government agencies.

The complete structures of the repaired embankments are now completed.

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