The OIL DIKHYA BUS is a CSR project under OIL with the Education sector which was launched in 2012 and over the last 5 years has evolved to include several educational programmes, the , most notable being Computer Education to students of rural schools via state-of-the-art mobile computer education buses/vans that visit each of the schools. This program benefitted 19,466 students via custom designed and fabricated mobile education buses/vans equipped with the laptops and colorful furniture making them children friendly and delightful teaching spaces. I visited two schools namely Gangadhar school, Bhadoi Panchali and Laipuli School, Laipuli in order to understand the students benefit through this project.

The bus gave quite good knowledge to them about the computer but the condition of the schools was terrible. The students didn’t have proper uniform, no proper toilets. These kids who are so much interested to study, due to lack of such facility will they stop going to school, and a fear comes within. The teachers are not that educated and well versed who can give them the proper information of the things going on in today’s world.

No boundary walls, no proper uniform but that didn’t show in their face. All the faculty members were so humble; they prepared mid-day meals for the students and even offered me. After seeing the schools of the town area and the condition of the village schools, it’s a sad affair. It’s rightly said that the rich are continuously getting all benefits but the poor are left in the same condition.

Building up a school is difficult but giving the best facility and education is more important. We live in a world where we have enough resources but we humans are being selfish and misusing everything.

Let’s make this world a better place to live in where everyone understands each others situation..

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