USA Diary by Kalyan Kakati

Sept 04 was labor day weekend in America bringing official end to summer season. People traveled, visited the beaches during that long weekend. Then America was hit by natural calamities, first city of Houston was hit by hurricane Hurvey completely flooding the entire city where thousands of people had to evacuated and caused millions of dollars of loss. Then state of Florida was hit by category 3 hurricane Irma last week devastating many islands in Caribbean sea, and damaging 90% of the homes in Florida keys. Writer Ernest Hemigway museum is located in the city of Key West, Florida.

Currently, in New York city United Nations General Assembly session is going on and the city is hosting dignitaries and political leaders from all over the world. The whole city has turned into a fortress with police and security personal. Today (Sept 19), Donald Trump gave his speach. The mentioned North Korean leader as the Rocket Man and mentioned North Korea will be destroyed if it attached America or any of its allies. Trump administration is not able to pass many of critical legislative agendas including repel of Obama Care Act, ending of DACA (Deferred Action on Childhood Arrival) etc. Meanwhile, US defense secretary James Mattis will visit India this month for strengthening India US defense cooperation.

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