The Underdogs – By Ishaan Phukan

Behind every war you won,
Behind every milestone you crossed,
Unseen and unknown,
Behind a desolate facade,
Did we stand.

Labored hard,
All our life,
With every ounce of might,
Did we fight!
But you,
With your cunning plans,
And cruel guns,
Shut out our guiding light.

Brick by brick,
Stone on stone,
Did we build history,
But even today,
In books;
Is our existence is a mystery.

We are the underdogs,
Forever shall we be.
Ain’t got no religion,
Never a caste or creed.

Ours origins untraced,
Thy memoirs uncased,
As slaves,
Did we gain fame,
For everyone’s stupidity,
Were we the ones blamed.
Tell me my mistakes,
Tell us who is at fault,
Let us know,
How to escape
From this street of underdogs!

We ain’t mythical creatures,
Nor are we ghosts,
Just mere poor people,
From the wilderness of Africa,
To the marvels of Rome.

Each of us had a destiny,
Maybe to even carve legends,
You never know;
Not in a million years,
Were we given a chance,
With the tip of the whip,
Were our bodies and ideals blanched.

Off to our native lands,
Were we shipped.
Through nine rivers,
Over seven seas,
Into lands unseen,
From where none,
Never returned,

Thousands of us slaughtered!
To bring ‘em to justice,
Our laws faltered;
Millions of our kind tortured!
But all this world heard,
Were muffled screams,
Which you told everyone,
Was our laughter!

To return home,
Seemed a farfetched dream;
In this land,
Where from the blood of the butchered,
Ran a mighty stream.

Our skin ain’t as white as milk,
But dark as the ash of a flame;
Our accent not as smooth as silk,
But a lil’ hoarse,
A bit strange.
But why are we bein’ punished for this?
We ain’t no sinners, my friend;
But mere pawns,
Of Mother Nature’s vague game.

Why shall I, be the underdog,
And you, the landlord?
How have you bred?
While for you,
We bled!

Along the misty mountains and the rugged plains,
On the same mother earth’s lap,
Were we born,
Tell me my brother,
Why can we not,
Walk hand in hand,
Step by step,
And endeavour life’s journey together?

———- ### ———–

Editors’ Speak: *Ishaan Phukan is a 10th grade student from Jorhat. ‘Mirrors & Masquerades’ is his first attempt in compiling a book of self composed poems with rhyming verses which focuses on bringing to light the finer events of our society which most of us tend to ignore.

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