Apurba k Khound

It was a big leap forward
in physical evolution
when a primate learned
to stand on its two feet
making the spinal cord
upright !
It was time for the ‘human’
to graduate from the animal
kingdom to climb up the ladder
of civilization, burying the
animalistic past !
Along the way, the ‘man’
learned to clothe its
body and the mind,
heralding the dawn of
civilised living !
Territorial fiefdom is
integral still, in the new
order of the day,
justice, equity and human rights
lurking behind the facade of paramount territorial
interests !
The human mind is
basking in glory
breaking unimaginable
new frontiers every day,
like the gleeful child
getting to touch things
kept out of reach by
caring parents !
Mind, the other half of
Evolution, left alone by
is roaring ahead with all
stakes stacked,
at a breakneck speed,
with brakes in nobody’s
hand !!
           # # # # #
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