The mighty Viking – By Diganta Goswami

Once upon a time there lived a mighty Viking chief in Scandinavia. He was not a giant when he was born; he was only three and a half kg. In fact he was only the size of a tiny cell in form of the foetus inside his mother’s womb. But when he grew to be an adult he was six feet four inches tall weighing one hundred and five kilos. During his growth from the foetus to the six feet four inch giant, the body metabolism extracted proteins, minerals and other elementary and complex forms of molecules from the food and drinks he consumed and deposited them exactly where they had to be deposited. The calcium components went to the bones and teeth. Some special minerals made of specific atoms went to the muscles, some to the brains and so on. But human body is clever enough to extract the right substance for the right place. So his bones were not made up of muscular tissues and brain was not a solid deposition of calcium compounds. His brain was made by the right kind of minerals and other materials extracted from the food and drinks.

In his expeditions as a Viking chief he went, saw and conquered many places. He also remembered some of these expeditions. Because when he sat with his friends in the evenings with beer in hands he told all his heroics to his friends. He remembered these facts because when the events actually occurred, the stimulants of senses caused electrical fields in special positions of his brain. Those fields arranged the molecules of a particular section of the brain in a very special order. The peltier or seebeck effects of these molecules caused a specific voltage difference in the very specific location inside the brain. Now, when he tried to recollect the events, another stimulant inside the brain extracted this voltage information and presented to other users of the brain as memories. In one part of his brain, there is one more cluster of molecules arranged in such a way that it told him his identity.

Then one day he died. His body was burnt to ashes in a pyre. But like energy; atoms cannot be destroyed or created by ordinary chemical reactions. Nuclear war was un-thought of at that time which probably can affect on atoms also. The tiny cluster containing memory that he was the mighty Viking lied helplessly in the heap of ashes. But fortunately a heavy rain came the next day. The tiny ash cluster got swept away into the river…. and the sea. It finally got a place on the sands of a beach. A storm took it to the sky. A tiny water droplet clung onto that and joined a drifting cloud. It travelled all around the world and one day fell to the wheat fields of an unknown village in Haryana with other fellow rain drops. One wheat plant sucked the tiny clustered mineral with water and deposited in the wheat seed.

A lady was pregnant in the village. She ate some chapaties and consumed the traveller cluster with them. The tiny foetus inside her was searching for some suitable elements to be placed on its growing brain. It found the cluster which passed the screen test. The cluster got a new place in another brain.

The child was born and grew. Suddenly one day one of his friends asked him, “who are you?” His brain probed and found the answer stored in the voltage gradient of the cluster. And he replied,“ I was a Viking chief in my previous birth”

So re-birth does not have to be an irrational concept, though highly improbable and uncommon.

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