The Borluit around the world- Manisha’s Column

Manisha Barthakur Sarma

I come from the land Usha and Aniruddha. The beautiful district of culture in Assam, Sonitpur. I have been living in one of the best place to live in the world, Australia. Specifically, I live with nature in Perth city of Western Australia; but nothing can relate to the rich hues of scenic memories of Borluit. No matter what; I was, am and will always be an Assamese and I worship my tradition.

The Assamese living everywhere across the world has one thing in common; the sense of pride to be the son or daughter of the “Borluit Land”. We celebrate Bihu, we celebrate “Bhat Khua Nimontron” and we still eat Baah gaaz (Bamboo Shoot), “kothal guti”(Jackfruit Seed) and “Mati Maah”(Black Lentils)… although some of them are frozen and imported.

It was Christmas time when I entered the kids section in a huge shopping centre to buy some gifts for my family friends. What drew my attention was those comic books on Santa, Reindeer, Elfs and the Angels. Every children, every parent here knew who is Rudulf(a reindeer), who is Santa, what is Santa’s toys workshop(an imaginary workshop where gifts are produced), and my mind was rumbling with the beautiful Christmas carols. When I experienced the whole Christmas in that moment, I immediately visualised a Dhulia with a Pepa and a Nasoni in the Bihu Pose in comic form. Can we have Bihu in the imaginary form and that imagination can come true when we see a Bihu Mela. Just like how people imagine about Santa and their imagination comes true when they see Santas around distributing gifts. Can We have Bihu, Gamusa, Pepa as a part of our day-to-day story and preserve our “Bapotixahun”(a unique ancestral culture)? I really want to put these thoughts into reality and pledge to work on it.

I know that a few of our own Assamese don’t know much about Bihu and Assamese culture. But, people living apart from the Luit land feels the need of this cultural revolution to know and admire about the rich heritage of Assamese community. Before we lose our identity and get invaded by multi-culture society, can we conserve our adorable and dynamic culture? Can we be a shining star in the huge Indian diversity?

The colourful Muga Riha Xaz Paar(Assam Muga and Silk Garment) with our traditional “Kesa Xunor Gohona”(Jwellery made our of raw/unburnt gold) marks its uniqueness whenever they are worn in any occasion. The beauty of our “Dohi Bota Sador”(traditional knots in the edge of the garment) brings in a different look among ladies. The “Gamusa” with the best combination of red and white stands out in every occasion. The smell of the exotic “Kopou”( a species of wild orchid) mesmerises the world….

Every Assamese can take pride on being an Assamese!! Joi Aai Axom!

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