Dibyo J. Brahma

The fear of losing identity as well as culture has been very prominent since the inception of the Citizenship Amendment Bill in Assam, but I would like to bring to light another important factor which has been threatening Assam’s future existence and the continuance of the existence of the many divergent cultures that exist in the state, that is (The 50/50 Propaganda) or the policy of dividing Assam into several units or regions on the basis of separate cultural and regional identities. And that is the main threat to Assam unity and the continuation of the state’s cultural identity and we the people are ignoring this fact, considering it having nothing to do with us but in reality, this is the root cause behind the continuing degradation of the state’s identity. The future of Assam as well as the existence of the state’s folklore and cultures that have formed the roots of the state and shaped the land is now at the verge of separating themselves from the land, fuelled by the ambition of the leaders and groups that exist within the state. I am not saying that the immigrants or the illegal intruders has nothing to do with the continuing degradation of the cultures of the land, they are also equally responsible but the root cause that has affected or has been affecting Assam’s unity and identity is this i.e. The 50/50 propaganda or (ideology).The main threat to Assam’s unity and identity has come from the various subjects that inhabit tithe Government of Assam is also equally responsible for this. In 1960, when the Assam Language Accord was signed stating Assamese as the official language of the land and the refusal of the use of the tribal languages in administrative and in educational sector has led to the fragmentation of the state into Nagaland, Tripura, Meghalaya and Manipur in 1963 respectively. Still now the various divergent subjects of the state are claiming separate statehood on the basis of separate cultural identities, the groups who have stood with Assam for centuries of decades, who have played a great role in the preservation and continuation of the state’s cultural identity as well as in protecting its history are now at the verge of separating themselves from the region and that is the greatest threat that the state has felt since The Assam Movement of (1979-85) against the illegal immigrants from outside(mostly from Bangladesh).Since then the state has witnessed several riots, protests and demonstration in the name of separate regional cultures. I fear that if this does not stop then the very foundation of this state will collapse. Assam has always been the land of diversity and unity within itself, there exist numerous tribes, groups, clans, cultures, dialects, folklore etc. which has formed the roots of the state, united by a common identity i.e. (Assamese), which the atoms rulers have given to the people of the region in order to assimilate and unite them as one but today this identity is at the brink of extinction. And we being the inhabitants of this land have a responsibility of protecting and preserving that identity from getting extinct. We simply do not understand the fact that the term (Assamese) is nothing but the identity of the people of this state and not a caste or tribe. Therefore, we have a responsibility towards this identity, after all it is all we have and without it all our cultures, history, folklore etc. will be lost, wiped out like the ancient species who seem to have forgotten by time, and the only way to save our existence is to save our identity first and it is a matter of concern for all of us and we must act before it’s too late, besides identifying and deporting the illegal immigrants from Assam, the tribal occupation of separatism and regionalism must be stopped at any concern.

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