Swatcha Assam, Swatcha Desh

Manisha Barthakur Sarma, Perth, Australia


The campaign, “Swatcha Bharat” that aims for cleanliness and hygiene is a great initiative for our country; but there is a lot to do…. People are still spitting, littering in public places. Because they still don’t have the feeling, that the roads, the places and the space belong to us and they all are a part of  our own home. Will anyone spit in the corridor of their own house? The answer is No. But why do people still throw packets/thrash or spit anywhere in Assam or in India? Only one reason!! That is; “No fear to dirty our nation”. There is no action from government towards violation hygiene rules as there is no rules on cleanliness and personal/public hygiene.

Here is a few shots that I took from a beach in the city of Rockingham, Western Australia.

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The city where the beach is a very small city with hardly 125,114 residents. Even a small place like this has such big penalties of $2000, which is equivalent to 1Lac Indian Rupees. In such situation, will anyone dare to litter or dirty the beach, roads or any other place??

We have so many natural resources and beauties in our state, Assam to bring up a tourist destination. We have so many greenlands. We have curvy, hilly, plain , riverside and so many naturally beautiful roads in Assam which can be mesmerising when kept clean and well-maintained. Who can do it?? Its “WE” who can do it.

Out main city, Guwahati is so wealthy with rich hues of scenic beauty everywhere; it is on a hillside and a riverbank, even the main centres and so gorgeous with designed buildings on both the sides! Then why can’t we keep the city clean and glamorous?

Our government and municipalities have ways to clean our roads and public places, collection of waste etc through sweepers and other labour force but the main factor missing is the sensitization among general public. There must be some penalties or legal punishment on littering public places to achieve the “Aim” of “Swatcha Bharat/ Swatcha Desh” and our lovely “Swatcha Assam” J!

Rome was not built in a day, so it is not possible to bring in the difference in one day, but; if we try and have the sense of responsibilities as a whole, then we can make it possible by small steps. Lets stop throwing thrash on the way while travelling. Let’s stop spitting anywhere. Let’s inform the municipalities wherever a dustbin is needed. Let’s put our step forward to save our mother earth from dirtiness. Let’s teach the small children not to litter and keep things in dustbins or make use of bags to keep the small snacks thrash or anything else…And it is possible!!!

Joi Aai Axom!

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