Shadow Corona

Prasanta Kashyap

Suddenly it’s been a different corona, unlike it used to be

It’s all ours to stay at least for a full year;

Slowing down pace of life, offering  plenty of family time

Like never before, and will never ever again.


A sentence causes one cry, all set to scare but hypnotise

An unforgettable weird nightmarish  ordeal

Little there is left, unless from the core bold & brave

Choiceless, yet destined to sway to the end.


Open mind with magnetic vision, & probably see a reason,

Come thwart deliberate massive attack on mankind.

It’s gloomy all around, hapless able man sitting idle

Uncertain whence the next meal will come from.


Service providers gravely hit, pantry lights barely lit

Ever diminishing resources, expecting a reversal soon

Overwhelming devastation beyond the point of salvation

Always pulls a trigger to reset everything again.



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