Pyjamas are Forgiving– The inner voice of an woman


Pyjamas are Forgiving

The inner voice of an woman

Author : Twinkle Khanna

Publisher : Juggernaut Books

Price : Rs. 325/-

A long passionate courtship with the man she loved and then a solemn vow to live life with him forever ; everything had gone well for Anshu , the way she would have desired ! But it’s not long before destiny decides otherwise and then everything comes crashing down ;  a stillborn baby , the growing signs of  Jay’s unfaithful behavior and then a sordid  separation that pushes  her to  a painful desolation !

But as she tries taking things in her stride letting the bad patch slip from memory,  Anshu’s  life comes for  full circle as she all at once  finds herself in the company of Jay at an Ayurvedic spa  in Kerala where she has been enrolled  for treatment . It’s through their brief spells of  togetherness while being treated at the spa  that their mutual feelings rekindle , breathing a new life into their forlorn past.  But just when it appears that their renewed nearness has given  them a fresh lease of hope to start life anew , Anshu is  faced with a delicate situation where on one the one hand is her call of conscience and on the other   the incongruity of having to gloss over  the culpability of  Jay’s cousin in an incidence that involves a violation of  modesty of a young female inmate of the spa.

As Jay insists on Anshu not to wreck their relationship by reporting  his cousin, Anshu is torn between an intense desire to salvage the happy future that she had started foreseeing for herself with Jay and her inner voice telling her not to let the girl down………!!

A brilliant storyline and its narration punctuated with ebullient , satirical conversations and  overflowing humour are what make Twinkle Khanna’s Pyjamas are Forgiving quite riveting to  the reader.  No wonder  this book has  made  her the top selling Indian female author of 2018 !

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