North east people inflicting pains and sorrows

Robin Hibu IPS, New Delhi

North east people inflicting pains and sorrows to own people in cities
( increasing worrisome  trend )
• Infact our own north east  well to do people too are exploiting our own people in unthinkable ways .
• I have many cases like – Manipur airhostess at Vasant kunj, locking her manipur maid with dog inside one room with few breads for a weeks when she went to abroad with her living together mainland guy, she wad rescued  by us when neighbour heard her cry…, we have case another Manipur  nurse in famous hospital in delhi and her husband broke  the skull of the tribal maid, she was rescued and they had to pay compensation after our intevention with court, another assam doctor tortured her maid from assam and she run away from mandir marg house, still missing… don’t know whether she is dead or alive, another NE naga divorce’s daughter was physically sexually  assaulted by her paramour advocate for refusing  to have physical relationship with the teenage girl,  she is under depression and tried to commit suicide, another gorkha elderly lady pushed her niece for escort cum flesh trade in delhi in South Delhi, this gorkha madam promised to the orphan gorkha girl’s mother that she will get her decent job in Delhi,  she escaped from the sex racket and reached to my office with helping hands volunteers, Manipur middleman brought many youth to delhi to provide jobs at airports, these youth  were taken for ride and were asked to do menial demeaning jobs in rich men bungalows, NE lady professor in reputed University assaulting brutally to her own tribe maid resulting massive head injuries, had to personally intervened for justice, headless gorkha  female of munrikha is still fresh, how a Manipur lady lobbied to hush up the the rape case  of minor fellow tribe girl in munirka by land lord son, i had to argue and scold even one officer from her tribe for showing partiality to wards helpless orphan maid ….list is endless…..
• Most of gullible and inocent girls and boys are brought to cities in connivance with tribal own relatives or acquaintances and are pushed to hellish life and indulge in violence in cities.
• Today’s case of Assam man brutally assaulting fellow poor assamese worker is another repulsive soul stirring assaults  and exploitations of fellow hapless north east job seekers in cities.
• Back home still thousands north east unemployed youth both boys and girls are ready risk everything even for petty jobs in cities, giving assurance by our own acquaintances  obsessed with evil designs further accentuate this massive internal migration of north east girls and boys without much hope in life…. petty jobs with paltry salary in cities cannot make much difference in their life…… these youth  just losed in the maddening superficial glittering life of heartless exploitative cities….
• Many return back home in coffins, many return with HIV, VDs, many as addicts to substanaces and  most worrisome many are these youth are uprooted morally,  culturally…..
• Perhaps creating more conducive milieu for efflorescence of entrepreneurships, business with more focus on roads, communications, connectivity can salvage this humanitarian crisis of massive unbridled migration to cities from the hills of 8 north east states.
( Opinions are personal).
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