My DREAM for NORTH EAST FESTIVAL in Delhi – Humble suggestions.

Robin Hibu

– It can be great forum for exposure of north cultural heritage to cities if done properly .
– I used to advised even the DONER & NEC ministry when they  called me  for advice few years back  – to have organizing committee from all unions, organizations of north east people in Delhi and NCR for holistic and professional participation and to invite key unions and common people of Delhi and NCR like trade unions, market associations, rwas members, drivers, taxis Associations, cultural and arts organizations of delhi and NCR.
– To invite students from different schools of Delhi and NCR. To involve the organizers like Delhi Pulwalu ke shyer, hats festival, punjabi and urdu associations or forums who have lakhs of delhites with them, to conduct  quiz on north east states…. whole idea of my advice was to expose our culture to common people in cities.
– Even I suggested to hire our unemployed youth for volunteers and even invite cultural troups from Delhi punjabi, jats, Muslims, urdu qawali troups.
– Even suggested to honour those individuals and organizations who are contributing yeoman selfless services for north east people in cities, vividly remembered,  how I recommended names like Bhim Sain Bassi IPS, ( pioneered for SPUNER and special NE recruitment), Vistara & Indigo Airlines for giving us free flight coffins, ALS and Vajiram IAS Institute for giving 3 crore of CSR  scholarship for UPSC coaching.
– Even strongly vouched for honouring die hard social workers like – Dr Alana Golmei.
– We can invite vernacular media of Delhi for proper exposure of our rich cultural heritage.
North East Festival can be eye opening for north people to cities, it has massive potential for uniting us, positive message, entrepreneurship opportunities , above all to give self respect amidst teeming millions in city like Delhi.
( Opinions are personal).
[ Robin Hibu  IPS , Delhi]
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