Plabita Barua

….and there reflects a serene sense of hope in the way the man utter these words!  Maybe there is a reason why inspite of all the allegations and attempts to bring him down, the people of this country chose this man once again as the leader.
Congratulations Prime Minister!!
I know how hard it will be to change a nation where no one wants to change themselves and instead just resorts to blaming one person. In a country where  corruption is a plague, where everyone from the lowest to the highest ranks in majority of the government offices are experts at pocketing half the notes allotted for a work; where atrocities against women never seem to cease; where hideous scams and frauds are as much business as the goons openly collecting ‘hafta’; where people who blame demonetization are the same people due to whom demonetization was necessary in the first place; where people mocking ‘Swachch Bharat’ are the same ones throwing plastic packets out of their car windows and openly peeing in public.
And inspite of so many inhumane acts going around, we still believe in the goodness of people, we believe that things will change. We are hopeful that the confidence in “Main Narendra Damodardas Modi…….” will not let us down.”

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