Into an abyss of helplessness – covid hitting hardest to NE strugglers in cities

Robin Hibu (IPS , Delhi)

 It’s deep sinking feeling of helplessness, hopelessness ….. north east employees at Delhi and other cities are crying on mobile calls to me begging for hospital admissions for their loved ones , begging for oxygen, plasma, ambulance , even asking for sending medicines for their bedridden covid patients , also deeply touching request for helping them for covid test as many are having fever, for burials and cremations of their loved ones who died of corona ….
   Having sleepless nights for last few weeks with haunting crying voices of hundreds of hapless NE needy patients in this covid pandemic begging me desperately for help which i am unable to render their emergency needs of beds, plasma, oxygen, ventilators….
   It’s heart breaking to hear endemically sorrowful choking sob on other ends of mobiles telling me –
” Robin Sir, my sister has succumbed to covid , please help me to bury her, haven’t seen her for weeks, can I have last glimpse before burial please sir “
   Many sent me whatsapp informing me that their loved ones have died with silence of the grave eerie silence in between tele talks …..
    I couldn’t help all in getting hospital’s admissions for treatment….. just only reassure them to have faith on God .
Giving them diminishing hope that I will revert back once I manage seat for their admission in hospitals.
   Remember in prayer for your fellow north east brethrens who are sucked into the whirlpool abyss of the deadly killer corona in cities like Delhi , Mumbai, Bangalore ….
Donot forget and abandon them though they are miles away from homes and loved ones .
     I am hoping …. someday… their loved ones from hills of NE states will visit and place a flower on these disheveled fresh soiled graves of north eastern citizens whom we have buried at different graveyard at Dwarka, Burari, Chandigarh, Goa, Bangalore…..
    I know many of them will be rolling inside graves with unease of longing for their loved ones will visit them someday….. murmur words of sorrowful prayer and shriek tear drops from their moist eyes on their graves … than their souls will find solace in eternity…..
Today’s milieu in cities remind of immortal poetic words –
” When the life in woes ,
Hope is dump,
World says ‘ GO’
Grave says ‘ COME ‘.
( My humble requiem for deads of north east citizens, who died & buried in cities ….)
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