Heaven Descends on Our Earth


Dreams of heaven

Manik Saikia

Notion Press

Price : Rs. 310/-

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams : Eleanor Roosevelt !

Their minds actuated with a dream to transform the world to one free of hunger, war and terror, two vivacious Gen Next youths Alex Mandela from South Africa and Charles Hope from US set out to bend history in pursuit of peace and harmony , and save humanity from the scourge of global warming. Igniting the imagination of youths across the globe  through the boundless web of  information technology the duo succeed in exhorting and uniting them onto a common platform called OneWorld – aspiring  to wipe out conflicts from human society !

As the youth world over go all out to revolutionize public  and social life – drifting steadily away from intolerance to endurance and materialism to compassion ,  OneWorld’s sublime message of universal oneness  and fraternity soon resonates across the global community  shaping public opinion for a conflict free world .  Eventually the UN too comes round and years after it has adopted drastic changes with far reaching  global impact on defence reduction and  poverty alleviation concurrently with the Govts of the world, the  day finally dawns on Alex and Charles  when  world leaders decide to bury the discordant past  and  bid good bye to war and enmity – embracing  a new era of nuclear elimination  where all have clean water to drink and fresh air to breathe !

Infused with enduring peace, amity  and goodwill  there is  now all- encompassing  human progress across  nations brought in by sweeping technological collaborations transcending national boundaries  virtually turning the world into a unified entity co-existing with nature ,  bereft of emotional boundaries  .

Bordering on Utopia as it does ,  Manik Saikia’s  Heaven Descends on Our Earth is by far an honest attempt to have a perspicacious look at the vileness of social evils  afflicting  humanity and how given the will  mankind could  bring joy to the sorrowful hearts of the world . Ingeniously mingling science with nuanced imagery the author has succeeded in weaving a positive optimism around the narrative , which stays with you long after you have read it .


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