Efforts on bridging gap on climate awareness

 Nizara Phukan

Today’s Diary ( Dated 14th March,2020)
I posted an open letter to his Excellency, the President of India, the day before yesterday on facebook , which is already published in the www.mahabahoo.com too.
In that mentioned sitting peacefully in front of his office from today, requesting permission to meet. I’ve been denied an appointment with him, and in that letter, I have stated my intention to peacefully sit in front of his office, untill he agrees to meet me and hear me out.
I spent last night preparing for the same and wrote messages on the T-shirt and placards with the help of Ivy, Shyam baa, Arup and Rohit, in room no 3, Assam Hose, New Delhi.
Today Shyam baa reached my room early in the morning, and at 10.30 am both of us rushed to the Rashtrapati Bhawan. Upon arriving we briefed the security personals about my sit-in-protest. The security persons directed us to gate no 38, of the Rashtrapati Bhawan where we were informed to seek permission for a sit-in-protest from the police station at the parliament street. Then both of us rushed to the police station at parliament street in an auto. After reaching the police station and meeting the police officer who grants all kinds of dharnas, protest and agitation. I explained to him about my intention and objectives behind the sit-in-protest.
The police officer informed me about the imposition of section 144 in entire Delhi and that any kind of dharna and protest can be conducted in front of the Jantar Mantar. At Jantar Mantar  also I would be allowed to hold a sit-in-protest only for two hours a day. After the two hours protest the police personal would than escort me to either Rashtrapati Bhawan or Prime Minister’s Office and help me in submitting the memorandum. To this I replied I already know of the address to submit the memorandum.
After returning from the police station I came live on Facebook.
Today I realized two most crucial things:
1. The President of India or any other powerful  authority can and will acknowledge our struggle and fight to protect nature and environment if and when he/she realizes that
a/ You are alive because of the air you breath in not money.
b/ Conservation of environment needs to be prioritized over politics, economy and religion.
c/Protection and conservation of the environment is protecting our country.
2/ Our hounourable President, Prime Minister and any powerful authority would know to respect a woman’s courage, struggle and sacrifice only when they learn to respect their mother.
On this special day of my life I kowtow at the feet of all my well-wishers. It is the power of your love, blessings and wishes that even after a long walk of 2250 km, and a struggle of 3 months 17 days, I am physically and mentally fit.
With utmost honesty and  responsibility towards nature, I dedicate the coming days of my life for the cause of nature and its conservation.
I will return home next Tuesday.
Long Live Brikshyabandhu (People for Tree)
Long Live Assam
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