Development is about caring and sharing

Bijoy Sankar Goswami

There has been a number of definitions on development. It is certain that these definitions have drawn from experiences of various time and people around the world. It has derived from the traditional and historical accounts of human civilization. The definition of development has itself seen a major shift from what it was perhaps in 18th century, as it is evident from the change that has occurred in last two centuries. The industrial revolution in 19th century is the evidence that has completely changed the state of our living. Contemporarily, development is understood as a mere process of progress which is factored with gain in terms of wealth, money, fame and power. It brings change….change for welfare…..a collective welfare. But in reality, does it bring collective welfare? If so why there is discrimination in the name of rich, poor, cast religion and what not??? Why there is so much of distraction? Why there is insecurity in society? The very definition of development is somewhat ambiguous in its appearance. What we believe is not seen. Then how has it been defined as collective progress or else what it has to be like? Let us analyse our development and the way it is. Who is at the stake on the way of our development? Let us introspect what we understand by saying development. Does it mean more buildings, more urbanization, more migration from rural to urban, which we call sign of progress, or does it mean having over bridges to control traffic as we have more cars to accommodate within the given space? The mere gain is not what we call development. The true development has the capacity of regeneration. Today we all are busy calculating a comparative statement of what I do not have but he/she has, and all of us blindly running to achieve a goal of development without even knowing what it is. In true sense, there is no proper definition of development which can define the process within the ambit of individual aspiration. Each one of us aspires to become the most developed. We tend to aspire by comparing our materialistic strength. Invariably, each one of us chasing a dream to achieve a height in life. In this journey, the only common notion we all have and can be equally applies to all irrespective of cast, creed and religion is “I have nothing”, and that very notion has laid the foundation of individual developmental pace. The mere understanding of development as gain has threatened the existence of the mankind. The so called development has destroyed our connection with nature. There is no linkage and comprehensive understanding of natural system among people. We all are working for individual progress in compartments. But at what cost? Our development cannot have the worth of the earth ecosystem. The development is not actually factored with gain but with intricate bond of environment, people and progress. To become developed we must first save our Earth, the only vital place in the universe to really prosper. We must understand the interplay of the earth ecosystem and our behaviour. Nature coexists; we all must value the coexistence by showing compassion, empathy and respect to all. There has to be a shift in the way our development from Profit-People-Planet to Planet-People-Profit. Securing the planet where we live has to come first in our process of development. We must master the art of train our hearts to manage the individual aspiration for a world where development brings collective good. It can be achieved by caring and sharing.

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