Crash landing of ‘Flight of Fancy’ of NE damsels & others – LESSONS to be learned


1- Five years back, inspite of my advice to NE pastors who came to me with those selected for novice dreamy newly  selected airhostess and cabin crew in Jetway Airline for blessing and advice to them, i vehemently asked them  not to risk their graduation studies for these ephermal flight of fancies airlines jobs….. my worst dream came to reality when i saw recently at Delhi,  hundreds of  NE damsels and novice youth of Jet Airways in dharna ( protest) at Jantar Mandar Delhi, under scorching summer heat for reviving the Jet Airline….it was sinking feeling for me to see them in tears, sun burnt darkish faces, tattered, broken from inside, no  salary paid for 6 months…. left to fend themselves in cruel cities…..
2- Worst was when many begged me in office to recommend them for any petty jobs in other airlines or in hospitality jobs in cities for survival.
3- These NE  abandoned( airlines staff ) class 12th passed NE students  donot have much hope in  future…. as they have missed 3/ 5 years of hallucinated high flying flight of fancy life in Airline, used to ephermal temporary 5 star life for few years…. their wretched conditions can are visible outwardly – saddened face, visibilty of appearence of  untimely wrinkles on their innocent faces ,  demoralised, having no money to carry on their used to life style, cramping and hanging even at overloaded autos  even for coming to protest/ dharnas in Delhi.
A – My awareness upload at NE social media  on ‘Flight of Fancy ‘ received too many criticism branding it as paranoid washing dirty linen of NE folks in social media…
B- Any one before joining these unpredictable Airlines should first do their graduation first as a security for future employability in other jobs market.
C- As elders, we must create an awareness about insecurity in such private jobs other than branded and reputed company like Tatas, Birlas, Infosy, better educate first in their choice profession for better scope of job avenues in future.
D- Must desist our wishy rushy youth rushing like moths towards light to die for these temporary jobs in private airlines/ hoapitality jobs. Where retrenchment/ sacking is very common these days due to varied reasons .
E- LEAST i feel you can do for these youth is to share this unpleasant awareness in all social media forums where you are a member, share at community meets, Ngos meetings, place of worships, women forums, students unions meeting, panchayat meets, freshers meets, youth clubs…..
F- Some one will be benefited from your gesture of sharing this upload.
G- Feel helpless, sad ……. for these hapless NE youth in cities as i know it means to survive in faceless, heartless ‘jurrasic’ cities ….
Just praying for them .
[ Robin Hibu IPS, Delhi
Helping Hands.]
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*Email – robinhibu@gmail

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