Apurba k Khound

An activist for protection
of all life forms,
I am not  by any means !
Had happened to accompany
a friend to buy local chickens
for a party in the evening !
The unsuspecting chickens
were struggling to get out of
the cage to frolic in the open !
My friend’s finger shifted
from one to the other
till it rested on the
helpless one, suited most
for the occasion !
All along there was a feeling
of joy for the lives of the ones
getting a fresh lease of life
albeit very short,
as the finger moved away
from them
a pang of guilt for the one
whose life got sealed by the
dreadful finger
in that very  moment !
Turned a vegetarian for life, since,
not being up to it to decide which one
is cleaned up for my dinner table !
A call of the heart so strong
I couldn’t have ignored !
Crusader ? I am not by any means !!
                 # # # # #

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