Apurba k Khound

The Balance Sheet (BS) of life as on any date is an aggregate of good moments in the credit side and bad moments in the debit side, speaking generally. If good moments out number bad moments, there is a fund of happiness in life. In the reverse case, a dreadful void !
It can be a very useful practice to daily prepare a BS every night before going to sleep assuming it to be the last one. The assumption is likely to deter one from making false entries. Can one count a moment as good which is earned at the expense of sufferings to others ? The answer is probably not !
In preparing the BS in the following night, the carry forwards need to be revalued. For example, a party or a dinner in a five star hotel in the previous night listed as a good moment may cease to give the same feelings after twenty-four hours. In such a case, it should be written off the BS ! Good moments associable with getting a new car, flat, payhikes etc give diminishing returns over a period of time and need to be written off as returns become nil. Sometimes, what appear to be bad moments in the immediate context, turn out to be the most cherished moments at a later stage of life. Accordingly, such changes need to be appropriately made in the BS.
On the other hand, there are innumerable options for investments, which give increasing returns over a long period of time. As for example, prior to coming of the concept of a ‘nuclear family’, it was common in our society to have a chain of distant relatives or village kins to live with families in towns for  better education and exposure. Subsequently they doing well in life, become a source of undiminishing happiness for the host families !
Exceptional to common people have found ways to augment the fund of long term happiness over ages. It’s important to be mindful of small opportunities to add value to life. The best part is that it needn’t be anything grand, for what matters is the purity of intention in availing small opportunities to create block by block a BS of life which reflects a net fund of happiness !

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