Ashok Paper Mill- Joghighopa-in dilapidated conditions

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Ashok paper mill, that started production on July 1, 1976, had come to a halt in March 1983 because of financial losses, mishandling of funds, mismanagement and growing corruption among the high officials of the industry.

The foundation stone of the mill was laid by then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in October 1970, with an estimated total cost of Rs 31 crore.

Since its inception, the mill produced 100 tonnes of pulp and 90 tonnes of paper daily, and for a sustainable  period.

A vast area of the mill, spread over an area of 2,270 bighas, was under the grip of encroachment by new settlers, as reported by sources.

The Ashok Paper Mill was supposed to be revived under  A clause of  Assam Accord.  However, till date,  Ashok Paper mill is in dilapidated conditions as shown in the pictures.


There is no looking back from here, since unemployment among the youths are growing at an alarming rate in this part of Assam. If the paper mill is not revived and more such industries were not set up, then the future of the youths would be doomed.

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